Cocktail Hawthorn Strainer 4Prong

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Cocktail Hawthorn Strainer 4 Prong

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Cocktail Hawthorn Strainer 4Prong

The Cocktail Hawthorn Strainer 4Prong is the most common strainer you’ll see behind the bar.
It fits over a variety of different mixing glasses, and is typically used
with a Boston shaker. It has a distinct metal coil, which traps pulp and ice.

This strainer can be somewhat difficult to clean, but the coil can be removed for cleaning.
The classic 4 prong Hawthorn stainless steel strainer is essential for
straining ice and other ingredients when pouring cocktails.
A popular and commonly used bartender’s tool for making cocktails.

Length: 140mm
Width: 110mm

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