Latte Pro Jug 600ml

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Latte Pro Jug  600ml

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Latte Pro Jug 600ml

Latte Pro Jug 600ml stainless steel Milk Frothing Jug with built in thermometers. The beloved Latte Pro Milk Pitcher comes with an
integrated milk thermometer to ensure quality milk steaming to precise temperatures every time.

Ready to use and easy to replace thermo-stickers that change colour as the temperature rises –
will keep you within the preferred milk temperature of 55ºc – 65ºc everytime you steam.
With a small indent on either side of the jug the sticker will be on your preferred side
working for both left-handers and right-handers alike.

The ergonomic grip handle is great for control whilst pouring and a fine shaped spout makes
performance on even the thinnest lines of your latte art stand out.
This barista-approved milk jug is a great choice for the home or in a cafe espresso setup. 

The combination of having a sticker of each individual jug with included colour plugs to easily
identify milk jug to milk type prevents sanitation issues related to cross-contamination
occurring when using unclean stick thermometers that could create cross-contamination across different milks.

Latte Pro Milk Pitcher Features

Latte Art Precise Pouring – With a comfortable handle and precision spout.

Assured Milk Temperature Accuracy – Large liquid crystal, stick-on thermometers that can go on both sides.

No more milk waste –  With assured accuracy and temperature consistency, you’ll never nburn milk again.

Ready to use – No calibration required for the thermometer

Perfect for Barista Training – Keep an eye on your exact temperatures for ideal coffee drinking.

3 colour plugs – Included silicone colour plugs for easy identification of milk types

This Latte Pro Jug Product Includes:

  • Latte Pro Milk Pitcher
  • Two liquid crystal, sticked-on thermometers
  • 3 Colour Plugs

Latte Pro milk frothing jug features a robust and durable liquid crystal display (LCD) thermometer INTEGRATED into the jug,
reducing the need for unreliable & time wasting stick thermometers or the hand-touch method for judging milk temperature.

Latte Pro ensures that your business can consistently serve excellent coffee. Adopting milk temperature standards and staff
training is much easier for your business as the Latte Pro temperature gauge is easily visible. Your staff will gain confidence
faster and lukewarm returns will be a thing of the past, as will the wastage of burnt milk.

Stainless Steel ~ Latte Art Spout ~ Ergonomically Designed Handle 

Thermometer on BOTH sides of the jugs for left and right handed use.

Blue, Green and Yellow indicators provided for milk type coding

  • Blue = whole milk
  • Yellow = light milk
  • Green = soy milk

Latte Pro is also highly durable in commercial environments.

Latte Pro – Helping make the perfect coffee EVERY time!

Available in one litre jug here – Latte Pro Jug Stainless Steel 1L

Contact Us today with your request, we will do our best to help.

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