Peg Jigger Measure 30/60

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Peg Jigger Measure 30/60

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Peg Jigger Measure 30/60

A peg jigger measure 30/60 helps to pour the correct measurement for each drink.
Stainless steel and food safe, can be used in a dishwasher.

Material: Stainless Steel Brushed
Size: 30/60ml

Steren Peg Measure is durable, anti-rust and scratch-resistant stainless steel peg measure.
Sleek and stylish, stainless steel reliable metal double jigger.
High quality construction won’t bend, break or rust.

Provides efficiency and accuracy when dispensing spirits and alcohol while preparing cocktails.
Impress your guests by serving up a round of perfectly crafted homemade cocktails.
Great for using with mixing glasses or cocktail shakers.

Convenient double measure design saves you time and effort; just flip it over to your preference.
The small side cup has a capacity of 30 ml and the big side cup holds up to 60 ml

Designed for ergonomics, comfort and quality, the shape of this cocktail jigger helps reduce friction and sore spots.
Comfortable and sharp in your bar bag, on your bar top, and home bar!

Perfectly suitable for gathering party, ceremonies, events & wear to tour anywhere in the world fits well in any party/occasion.
Impress your guests by serving up a round of perfectly crafted homemade cocktails.

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